Relaxing eligibility for graduates of top universities to work in Taiwan

Q1Which top universities
A1The world's top universities are announced by the Ministry of Education. For details, please refer to the Ministry of Education website or contact the Ministry of Education for confirmation.
Q2What are the specialized or technical jobs that the world's top university bachelors are engaged in in Taiwan?
A2The content of specialized or technical work, in accordance with the "Qualifications and Criteria Standards for foreigners undertaking the jobs specified under Article 46.1.1 to 46.1.6 of the Employment Service Act" includes "construction engineering or construction technical work", "transportation work", "Financial and taxation work", "Real estate brokerage work", "Immigration service work", "Lawyer, patent attorney work", "Technician work", "Healthcare work", "Environmental protection work", "Cultural, and leisure service work", "academic research work", "veterinarian work", "manufacturing work", "wholesale work", "other work designated by the business consultation", etc.
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