Lecturers at Short-term Supplementary Learning Centers


Q1: What classes are included in cram schools when foreign professionals are hired as lecturers in professional or technical fields?
A1: The available classes in Digital Content Industry are digital game industry (software for game consoles, computer games, or mobile game applications), video games, computer animation industry, somatosensory technology industry (technology in virtual reality software/hardware development, technology in Augmented Reality software/hardware development, technology in Mixed Reality software/hardware development, technology in maneuverability application software/hardware development, or technology in Optical sensing software/hardware development). If the lecturing content was not covered by the fields above, issuing a permit is still viable after MOL had discussed with the central competent authority.

Q2: What are the qualifications for application of working permit for short-term cram schools employing foreign lecturers with specialized knowledge or skills?
A2: The employer should be a legal supplementary short term cram school attached to the company's legal person and sign a cooperation contract with the international teaching institution. In addition, the monthly salary of a foreigner should be NT $ 47,971 or above, and the work had won an international award or 4 years of working experience in a foreign digital content industry and more than 2 years of teaching experience in international teaching institutes.

Contact Ministry of Labor for more information.

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