Work Permit Extension for Foreign Special Professionals


Q1: How many years can a foreign special professional work in Taiwan?
A1: If a foreigner applies for employment gold card from the Ministry of the Interior, the working period shall be subject to the validity period of the employment gold card issued by the Ministry of the Interior. If the employer submits an application for employment to the Ministry of Labor, the period of employment permit can be up to 5 years.

Q2: Is it still up to the new employer to apply for an employment permit if a foreign special professional is employed in Taiwan for other work?
A2: Not necessarily. If a foreigner applies to the Ministry of Interior for an approved gold card, because of their personal work permit, there is no need for the new employer to apply for the employment permit. If the employer files an application for employment, it is necessary to apply for the employment permit to the Ministry of Labor in accordance with the Employment Service Act. After getting the permission, they can start to work.

Q3: What is the maximum period of validity of Alien Resident Certificates (ARC) for a Foreign Special Professional? What is the period of validity for each ARC extension?

A3: The period of validity of an ARC is dependent on the employment permit issued by the Ministry of Labor. Where a Foreign Special Professional has obtained resident permit, his/her ARC shall be valid for a period of up to five years starting from the next day of the issuance of that permit. When there is a need for his/her residence to continue, an application for extension shall be made to the National Immigration Agency (NIA), Ministry of the Interior before the expiry of his/her resident permit.  An extension of up to five years at a time may be granted.

Q4: Can dependents of Foreign Special Professionals apply for ARCs?  What is the period of validity of their ARCs?

A4: Where a Foreign Special Professional's spouse, minor children, or disabled adult children (age 20 and above, who are unable to live independently due to physical or mental disability) have obtained resident permits from the NIA, the same ARC duration of validity of such Foreign Special Professional applies to the dependents' ARC and the extension thereof.


Contact Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Interior for more information.

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