Visitor Visa of Lineal Ascendants


Q1:For foreign special  professionals who have a R.O.C. resident certificate in Taiwan, how can their lineal ascendants (parents, grandparents) apply for a visitor visa? What application documents should be prepared for?
A1: To apply for a visa for visiting relatives, a foreign special professional’s lineal ascendant shall fill in the visa application form online at the official website of Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Along with the filled-in, printed and signed application form, an applicant shall submit their passport (valid for at least 6 months), 2 passport-size photos in color taken within 6 months with white color background, the foreign special professional’s proof of residence in Taiwan (including Republic of China Employment Gold Card Resident Authorization Certificate) and the proof documents for their relative relationship. (please visit
Q2How can the immediate relatives of special foreign professionals from Hong Kong or Macau apply for a family visit visa? What are the required documents?
1.Required Documents:
(1)An application form, with a white-background 2’’ photo taken within the last 2 years (Same specification as ROC national ID photo).
(2)Original and copy of Hong Kong/Macau permanent residence ID card and Hong Kong/Macau passport (the original will be returned after verification).
(3)Application Fee: NT$600 for a single entry permit; NT$1,000 for a 1-year multiple entry permit; NT$2,000 for a 3-year multiple entry permit.
(4)A registered self-addressed stamped envelope with the recipient’s name and phone number.
(5)Power of Attorney (Not required if Hong Kong/Macau residents apply in person).
(6)Certificate of family relations.
(7)A copy of valid ARC or ROC Employment Gold Card overseas application approval notice issued to the Hong Kong/Macau special professional.
2.How to apply:
(1)In Hong Kong or Macau: Apply to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices in Hong Kong or Macau. Second application and beyond may be filed directly to the NIA.
(2)In foreign countries: Apply to ROC (Taiwan) embassies, representative offices, or other agencies authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Q3: I am an Employment Gold Card holder, and am starting my own business in Taiwan (without an employer). Are my parents eligible to apply for a visitor visa for visiting relatives to visit me?
A3: You are qualified as a foreign professional, that is, your parents are eligible for the application.
Q4: I am a foreign senior professional who has obtained the nationality of R.O.C. through naturalization. Can my parents-in-law apply a visitor visa for visiting relatives to visit me?
A4: You have obtained the nationality of the Republic of China through naturalization as a foreign senior professional, and your lineal ascendants (parents-in-law) are eligible to apply for a visitor visa for visiting relatives in Taiwan.
Q5: I have obtained R.O.C. permanent residency (Plum Blossom Card) as a senior professional. Can my parents apply a visitor visa for visiting relatives to visit me?
A5: In accordance with Article 18 of the Law on the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals, your parents (lineal ascendants) are eligible to apply for a visitor visa with a multiple entry permit, which is valid for 1 year and is for a stay of up to 6 months. In case of need to continue the stay, then prior to the expiry of the time limit on the stay, the visa holder may apply for an extension, without having to leave the State. The total length of stay with the visa is limited to a maximum of 1 year.

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