Adult Children with Disability


Q1: What is the required document for assessing the level of dependence in daily activities for people with disabilities?
The applicant needs to present valid certification from the applicant’s registered citizenship. The following information is required in the certification: (1) a certificate ascertaining the applicant has paralysis or requires total assistance in daily activities; or (2) Barthel index ≤ 30 evaluated by a designated medical institution.All supporting documents must be verified through Taipei Economic and Cultural Office. If foreign language is used in the documents, the applicant should provide Chinese translation notarized by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office or a local notary public in Taiwan.
Q2: If I could not obtain the document to prove the limited self-care ability, is there any alternative document eligible for the application?
A2: If you could not obtain the valid certification mentioned above, please provide a professional assessment or the diagnosis certificate of illness and disability to prove the disability and the limitation of daily activity.
Q3: Where can I find additional information about the document for proving the limited self-care ability.
A3: Please refer to the National Immigration Agency’s website or call their service line for more details.

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