Retirement of Foreign Teachers


Q1: What regulations govern the retirement of foreign teachers and foreign research personnel working in public educational institutions, and research personnel working in government agencies or their subordinate academic research institutions?
A1: To enhance the recruitment of outstanding academics to teach and do research in Taiwan, Article 23 of the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals stipulates that the retirement of foreign professionals, foreign special professionals, and senior foreign professionals who are employed as qualified, paid, full-time teachers or research personnel in positions which are part of the current staffing complement of a public educational institution, or as research personnel of a government agency or an academic research institute subordinate to a government agency is governed, mutatis mutandis, by the retirement regulations for teachers in public schools and universities. When such a professional who has permanent residency retires, they may choose to be paid a lump-sum retirement payment or a monthly pension or a combination of these.

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