National Defense

Foreign special professionals possessing special expertise in the field of national defense must meet one of the requirements below:

1.Previously or currently holding a position in the field of defense aerospace or military shipbuilding in a foreign state or in Taiwan, possessing key professional knowhow, having obtained a doctoral degree or above in related fields from a university in Taiwan or another country, and having more than five (5) years of work experience in related fields.

2.Having more than five (5) years of work experience in machinery, electrical engineering, project management, R&D or process engineering associated with defense aerospace industry that is uncommon in Taiwan.

3.Having more than five (5) years of work experience in the design (including functions, structural, propulsion, power, command and control, auxiliaries, and outfitting systems), construction supervision, development, construction or project management of shipborne weaponry and platforms that is uncommon in Taiwan.

4.Having been certified by the Ministry of National Defense as a talent with professional knowhow or transnational experience needed in Taiwan.
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