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20191026Warm and lively atmosphere at successful get-together of Employment Gold Card holders, organized by the National Development Council
National Development Council News Release
Warm and lively atmosphere at successful get-together of Employment Gold Card holders, organized by the National Development Council
Date of issue: October 27, 2019
Issuing agency: National Development Council
The National Development Council (NDC) hosted an afternoon get-together of Employment Gold Card holders on October 26, 2019 (Saturday). Invitations sent to card holders received an enthusiastic response, with foreign professionals from all fields of expertise coming to attend, including Thomas Fifield, system designer and consultant of OpenStack free and open-source software for cloud computing, and renowned Czech illustrator Tomáš Rizák, respectively representing the fields of science & technology and culture & arts. The gathering was also well attended by guests from foreign business chambers and representative offices, along with representatives of relevant government agencies. Card holders told the gathering about their experience of living and working in Taiwan, and exchanged views face to face with the NDC deputy minister. A photo backdrop was set up at the entrance, where card holders could have their picture taken to share online with family and friends. An opening performance of well-known Taiwanese folk songs by the national orchestra added spirit and joy to the atmosphere of the occasion.

Designed to cater to high-caliber international talent needed by Taiwan’s industries, the Employment Gold Card forms part of the government’s active initiative to attract foreign professionals with outstanding achievements or unique abilities in the fields of science & technology, the economy, education, culture, the arts, sports, finance, law, and architectural design. Besides making it convenient for holders to find and change employment, the card also gives those working in Taiwan for the first time a three-year benefit of having income tax assessed on only half of the part of their salary above NT$3 million. These and other benefits serve as inducements for foreign special professionals to work and live in Taiwan. Since its launch in February 2018, this scheme has attracted high interest in applying for the card, and more than 465 cards have already been issued.

The NDC organized this get-together to increase opportunities for card holders to interact with each other in Taiwan, and to establish a platform for their communication with the government. Opening remarks were delivered by NDC Deputy Minister Kao, thanking attendees for their support, reiterating the government’s talent recruitment policy, and expressing the hope that card holders would be able to interact with each other more closely through the Facebook group established exclusively for them. She also asked attendees to help spread word about the Employment Gold Card to their family members, friends and colleagues outside Taiwan. After her remarks, card holders in various fields ardently shared their motivations for coming to Taiwan, their experience of living here, and their suggestions for government policy. Then, everyone mingled in lively conversation, exchanging thoughts, taking photos together, and partaking of a fine afternoon tea, with the deputy minister and other officials passing a convivial afternoon in company with the guests.

In order to optimize the synergies of talent recruitment, enable more highly qualified foreigners to know about Taiwan’s work and living environment, and expand Taiwan’s international visibility, the NDC will continue to hold events like this for interaction and exchange, and to strengthen international publicity and promotion. We hope that, through such efforts, we will be able to attract more talented people from other countries to come to Taiwan to develop their careers, and induce more of the talented people in Taiwan to be willing to stay here.



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