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20181001 The NDC will host the Employment Gold Card Issuance Ceremony and Reception on October 4, 2018

      The Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals officially entered into effect on February 8, 2018, marking a milestone in Taiwan’s talent recruitment. In addition to relaxing visa, employment and residency regulations for foreign professionals, and enhancing their insurance, tax, and retirement treatment, the Foreign Professionals Act established a 4-in-1 “Employment Gold Card” that combines work permit, resident visa, ARC and re-entry permit, to attract foreign special professionals needed for Taiwan’s development. Employment Gold Card holders can freely seek or change employment without needing to apply through an employer, and enjoy other benefits such as paying less tax upon first-time approval to work in Taiwan.


      To boost publicity of how the Act is being put into effect, the NDC will hold an Employment Gold Card Issuance Ceremony and Reception on October 4, 2018 (agenda as attached). We are inviting all Employment Gold Card holders to attend this gathering together with those who are to be issued with cards. We are also inviting attendance from foreign embassies, representative offices and chambers of commerce, as well as by the representatives of related government departments and members of the media. By providing an opportunity for exchange of views among all concerned, we hope to gain a better understanding of the value of these cards to their holders as well as any problems that still need to be addressed, and to gather suggestions as to how we might be able to improve the effectiveness of our talent recruitment policy in the future.



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