Foreign Teachers

 To encourage schools to expand the recruitment of foreign teachers, Article 5 of the Foreign Professionals Act stipulates that the issuance of work permits for the employment of foreign professionals to work as school teachers under Article 46 Paragraph 1 Subparagraph 3 of the Employment Service Act, and the administration of their employment, is returned to the Ministry of Education.

Also, to meet the education needs of the children of returning overseas talent, and to build a living environment for the use of English, in addition to the provisions of the Employment Service Act whereby the experimental departments of bilingual high schools or bilingual schools may employ foreign subject teachers, Article 4 of the Foreign Professionals Act further provides for foreign subject teachers to be employed to teach special classes approved by the Ministry of Education for the children of foreign talent, while Article 5 of the Act stipulates that work permit applications for such teachers must be submitted to the Ministry of Education.

Pursuant to these provisions of the Foreign Professionals Act, the Ministry of Education has prescribed the Regulations Governing Educational Institutions at All Levels Applying for Work Permits for Foreign Teachers and their Administration. For content, please refer to the related link.
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