ROC citizens who also hold foreign citizenship but do not have household registration in Taiwan


Q1If someone naturalizes/resumes as Taiwan national, does their Gold Card has to be canceled?
A1If the Gold Card holders acquire or restore the R.O.C nationality during the period of residence in Taiwan, the NIA shall revoke or repeal the Gold Card in accordance with the Act 7, The Regulations Governing Employment Gold Card Permit for Foreign Special Professionals, “During the period of residence in the State, the Employment Gold Card holder falls into one of the situations described in various paragraphs of Article 32 of the Immigration Act”.

Q2Can a foreigner with the R.O.C nationality apply for an Employment Gold Card?
1.A national with Taiwanese household registration and who is currently residing in Taiwan and who has entered Taiwan with a foreign passport and is applying for residency, or an extension of stay or residency, shall first register his/her moving-out registration with the Household Registration Office.
2. With regard to cases of the previous item, the application of males who have not completed compulsory military service of conscription age or near conscription age will not be accepted if they fall into one of the following situations:

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